Music Class

The English Baby Music class is a mostly English (partly German)-language singing and movement class for children aged up to 3 years, accompanied by a parent/grandparent/caregiver.

The classes are led by a lovely flutist/teacher/mother from Budapest, Hungary and are full of songs, live music, trying different baby-friendly instruments, nursery rhymes and stories.
It is both a musical and educational setting, while simultaneously engaging in a social and fun atmosphere.

The aim is to give 45 minutes of special musical time to your child in a small, safe and nurturing group. You don’t have to be Beyoncé or know any of the English songs/rhymes in advance! Everyone is there to learn! Just be yourself and let loose and join in! In this class, your focus will be 100% on your child to sing with them and watch them engage in and learn new words, interact with other children in their age group, explore new materials and simply just make beautiful memories.

Kursleitung: Amina Vamosi

I’m Amina Vamosi, a melody enthusiast and your guide on this wonderful journey through the world of music. Originally from the charming city of Budapest, Hungary, I’ve woven my life around the intricate notes of classical music. As a flutist, I’ve had the joy of bringing music to life with various orchestras across Europe, Asia, and South America. I’ve also been nurturing young talents as a flute teacher, which has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

About thirteen years ago, my musical path led me to Vienna, a city that breathes music. I studied at the prestigious MDW and now, I have the honor of managing the Vienna Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. Along the way, I’ve also organized events and concerts, each a unique celebration of music.

But music is more than just my profession—it’s a language that connects us all. Fluent in German, I’m excited to introduce you to the delightful world of German songs too!

Becoming a mother opened my eyes to the magical bond music can create between parents and their little ones. This inspired me to create a space where moms, dads, and babies can come together to sing, play, and share in the joy of music.

I can’t wait to meet each of you and embark on this melodious adventure together. Let’s make our Monday morning Baby class a symphony of smiles, songs, and splendid moments!

See you soon!

Infos zur Teilnahme: 

Wann: Montag, 10:00 – 10:45 Uhr
             Mittwoch, 16:00 – 16:45 Uhr

Wo: Der Nebensitz, Linzerstrasse 365, 1140 Wien

Preis: € 125,- für 8-Wochen-Kurs

nächster Kursstart: Montag, 8. April 2024 und Mittwoch, 3. April 2024

Montag: 8.4. / 22.4. / 29.4. / 6.5. / 13.5. / 27.5. / 3.6. / 10.6.2024

Mittwoch: 3.4. / 10.4. / 17.4. / 24.4. / 8.5. / 15.5. / 22.5. / 29.5.2024